4 day adventure

Žabljak Crnojevića is an island fortress on Lake Skadar. Our ranch is located near a fortress from the 8th century, which made this place a tourist attraction for people who come from all over the world to get to know the pristine nature of the Skadar Lake National Park. Riding horses through these areas, you can visit the Kom monastery, as well as the fishing villages of Dodoši and Biševina. This region offers over 100 km of riding trails, as well as several bathing areas and restaurants with national cuisine. A special attraction of our riding tours is the encounter with around 100 wild horses.

Tour details: In addition to riding on Lake Skadar, the possibility of riding in the areas of Kučki Korita, Rikavačko, and Bukumir Lakes, as well as riding in the areas of Krnovo, Lukavica, Kapetanovo Lake.

At least four persons

Tour length: four days (until dusk)

Additional options: Professional photography and recording with Go Pro camera is available. Note: Service is not included in tour base price. Let us know if you’re interested before tour booking.

Price per person: Send email for more information

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